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Tuesday 13 September 2011

ONE BRIGHT SPOT (13/09/11)

This morning I wandered the other way towards Flamborough. Three hours strolling around and very little to show for it. I got wet, dried off and got wet again. I was only a hop skip and a jump from the van when I came upon the best sight of the day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  A beautiful meadow of wild flowers…………just goes to show it’s always worth going for a wander even round an area I’m finding it hard to appreciate.

On we wandered, the dogs being little sods today, shilly shallying around and generally winding me up.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The cross roads in the centre of Flamborough. It’s all right for what it is. The real centre is to the right by the road cone. They are replacing a sewer so it was difficult to get an image…….not that I know as I didn’t try. There is a Co-Op., A Chinese restaurant, a Post Office and a Chippy. Also couple of pubs but they were shut.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA             Flamborough Castle. Not much of it left and what there is is inaccessible. The local stone is a hard brilliant white limestone…….maybe chalk……..Calcium Carbonate I'll settle for. The horse is a Grey.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Another view of the flowers……….taken three hours after the first picture. Good to see they are still there. A wonderful show.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to move into Flamborough…….Have a look at the seaside and the cliffs. It has a massive bird colony but they will have left by now.

I did promise the dogs a run on the beach today but it was another two miles to walk………I was cold, wet, generally out of sorts and feeling a bit of a wimp.

The wind is back again though not as strong as yesterday.


  1. That field of flowers looks stunning Adrian. What a great find.

  2. HI Adrian...wow so nice to see that field of wild flower..they are just gorgeous...of course I am a sap when it comes to flower's...never got any flower's from the hard core X husband though!!
    Nice shot of the old bit of a castle ..your country is so picturequest!!


  3. Adrian , that flower meadow looks fantastic, at least someone is trying to brighten the place up!

    Poor dogs, I hope they get their paddle tomorrow...[;o)

  4. The flowers are superb, just right, natural.

  5. Keith, cheered me up no end. I'm off to a better place tomorrow. Next to the RSPB site at Bempton. The Puffins will be back at sea by now but it's worth sussing the place out.

    Grace, I once gave my ex flowers........She said.
    " Now what have you done?".
    I'm not impressed with this corner of it so far. I'll see what I can find tomorrow.

    Trevor, it is a really grand site. Every farm should have one and every camp site too.

    Bob, pity it's so cold and windy. Should be alive with butterflies on a good day.

  6. After admiring your beautiful wildflower meadow, I focused on the photo of the castle and thought you had indeed found a most enchanting area with a real live unicorn in attendance...alas, a closer look revealed that the 'horn' was part of the roofing system :) (My imagination still sees a unicorn).

  7. Glo, I noticed as I shot.........observant are you. It is a Unicorn. Very rare are Unicorns.

    Hilda, not a patch on yours. I would leave comments on your blog but cannot find out how to. I really enjoy and admire your style and competence.

  8. Another entertaining read Adrian...late in from work so it was nice to read.. put a smile on my face anyway. The flower meadow is fantastic to see...and I believe that is what the Lake District looked like in the valleys every summer in days gone by.
    It must have been a fantastic sight.

    Never been to Bempton so I will pop in tomorrow.

  9. Andrew, the flower meadows are getting more common. This shower will build on them next year.
    I'll have a go for some blurry birds. So don't hold your breath.

  10. I agree these flower meadows are so beautiful!

  11. Dee Bee, They really cheered me up.

  12. Love the unicorn at Flamborough Castle!

  13. pieces os paradise!, I say!

  14. John for once the lamp post out of the head was intentional. There really are Unicorns here.

    Blueshell, Yes heaven. Thank you.

  15. It must be difficult finding material in a place like this but the fields of flowers are amazing.

  16. Jay, the flowers made my day.