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Wednesday 7 September 2011

SHAMELESS (07/09/11)

It started out as a wonderful cloudless morning. It’s raining again now but it matters little. I am back home. We were out at around seven this morning for a stroll round Dalby Forest. I thought I had gone deaf as there wasn’t a tweet to be heard. After a mile or so I settled down and waited. I waited an hour and although I heard a couple of Magpies arguing and got a blurry picture of a Blue Tit it was not what I was hoping for. Like Kielder Forest it was a bit of a let down.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are many worse places to sit so I oughtn't complain.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe dogs were not impressed either, no Deer to annoy. Nobody else around……..it really was quiet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is a magnificent specimen………..A Bolete of some sort but at seven inches in diameter a large one of whatever it is.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This one is bigger and also wealthier. These were in a clearing. Not under Pine trees and had no appreciable smell. I didn’t taste a bit……On we toddled.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis I at first thought was a Badger set…………a good job the dogs were on the lead else they would have been down it. I stuck my head close and whispered Brock but nothing appeared.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese pad prints though not good look more like a Fox to me. A Badger has five toes and long claws a fox has four…………I think that’s the right way round. Not surprising Brock didn’t answer!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Not far away I found this………….a Puff Ball………….it could be but then I found…………………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis…..Phallus impudicus……Impudicus is Latin for Shameless and Phallus is Latin for Willy. It is I hope The common Stinkhorn. It didn’t stink, they sometimes do but only really badly when the head is covered in black slime. Flies eat it and leave them looking a bit like Morels. I do have a slight doubt as the round egg from which these grow was very smooth.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA An older one that has fallen over. It is a bit confusing as there were around a dozen scattered about and no appreciable smell. There is usually no doubt…………they stink!

That’s all for today…………..another wander and another look at things. I‘m not sure what things………..I’ll call them interesting things.



  1. An enjoyable wander Adrian.
    I'm not very good with mushroom ID, but I think I can remember that last one. :-)

  2. A wonderful place, though funny. The seach for the animals proved that there wasn't any. But, you did get some mushrooms, the first may be Orange Birch Bolete and your right, the last is Stinkhorn, lovely to say.

  3. Keith, yes a good walk but I did expect to see more wildlife.

    Bob, a slippery place today. I thought Orange Birch Bolete but they are twice the size of any I have seen before. The nearest tree was Hawthorn. I'm just not sure.

  4. It comes across as a nice pre-autumnal stroll in the woods with your "ferocious" dogs! :D They look quite cute!
    Mushrooms, yes i know that one, it really deserves its name doesn't it?! :)))

  5. I've not been in the Dalby Forest but the Kielder Forest really disappointed me with its deadness. I suppose there must be mammal or bird life in there but I certainly saw no evidence.

  6. Dee Bee, the path felt near vertical but yes a pleasant walk. The dogs aren't fierce at all just noisy. The smaller one is Molly and she is a devil for chasing Deer. they run for a hundred yards then stop, it gives her chance to catch up. She can be gone an hour or more. She can follow her own scent back........Alfie can't he has to follow moll.

    Graham, these forests are pretty dead. I thought it worth a look. I'm on the western edge surrounded by trees and hedges but the feeders have not been visited.......it's sad. I heard a Buzzard and saw a few Wood Pigeon. That was about it....not good for a two and a half hour outing. they ought to release some wolves and wild boar........that would liven things up.

  7. HI Adrian...By now I suppose you have pulled out your slippers and getting comfy for the evening...but me I still have half a day of slaving away to do..."ya right" I don't think so lol!
    Have you considered the fact that perhaps you have lost your sense of smell...: }}}} lol
    The Bolete ...is a real beauty...nice image of it to!!
    The last shot I have nothing to say about it!! ; }

    It is raining a pour here..has been for 2 days grrrr !!!

  8. Looks something like a real forest though possibly hazardous under the leaning trees. Nice to see lots of old wood lying about for the wildlife.

  9. Crap joke coming... you really are a fun guy!
    I have my eye on a few sites for puffballs... a lovely free meal I really enjoy at this time of year.

  10. It's rained here too today. It rained yesterday as well. But in between the downpours it's wonderful to be outside. I think it will be a bumper year for fungi. Your walk looked full of mushrooms and all things interesting!

  11. Grace, no still got the dogs to walk again. I thought I had lost all my senses. They are back.
    I wish i knew what type of Bolete.

    John, there is wildlife but not as much as there should be.......even rabbits are absent.

    Andrew, cheers......I love fungi. Puff balls are good but Morels are my favourite.

    Annie, the fungi seem to be a bit early......I hope we don't get an early frost. I've only eaten one Shaggy Ink Cap so far.

  12. Nothing to photograph in the woods,? even without a bird or a deer I thought the trees alone were lovely and the dogs set them of perfectly.

    We have no fungi at all at moment,too cold here for September,if it warms up a bit I hope we get a few to photograph.

  13. Great scenes of the forest Adrian, shame there wasn't any wildlife, certainly looks like you had a great walk though.

    Fungi I D, looking through my books and the net I think it might be a Deceiving Bolete (boletus queletii) apparently it has an acrid sour taste and so is inedible, however, if you should ever get Malaria (maybe on a walk around Dalby!!) you can extract the liquid from it to treat the symptoms!

    btw.it was nice of the fairies to leave some money for you!......[;o)

  14. Fantastic shot of the dogs in the forest and of course the magic mushrooms. ... & I thought that money only grew on trees !

  15. Jay, no, money is minted by this toadstool.

  16. Carolyn, plenty to look at and I enjoyed the outing. These early Forestry Commission woods just never live up to my expectation.

    Trevor, thank you once again, I've looked it up and believe you are right. Unusual for a Yorkshire fairy to show such generosity.