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Thursday 1 September 2011


More accurately the sun put in an appearance this afternoon. It’s been a gloomy seven days. Monday morning was brighter but it has not been weather to fire enthusiasm for photography. It’s an odd thing that I’ve seen more Butterflies in the last fortnight than I’ve seen all summer. here are a few from this afternoon.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        A Red Admiral.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         And another.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       A Peacock…………………………and………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       another one…………these are in remarkably good condition.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          This is a Comma…………the first I’ve seen this year so I’m happy today.

Or I was, I got an urge to have sausages for tea. The only ones available were Richmond brand. I just had the one and wished I hadn’t. I’ve eaten some truly revolting food in my time but these take pride of place for absolutely disgusting. Who, apart from me, buys this rubbish? I suspect it is made by the same people that make Walls sausage……those microwave burgers……….that flat cheese folk put in burgers……American Baked Beans and those awful ice cream cornets that come wrapped in paper are full of chocolate and have some indescribable pinkish goo on top…I’ll have a pot of organic yoghurt in an attempt to settle my stomach which is showing all the signs of revolting.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhilst I’m banging away………..why do farmers do this to hedges? that’s an awful lot of bird food gone. If they flailed them at the end of February it would seem a much better idea.

I’m going shopping early tomorrow……….the butchers is open at seven. Then, weather permitting, I’ll have a look at an old Abbey.

All the best.


  1. Beautiful photos of the butterfly. Well done.

  2. Great Butterfly images Adrian.

    I was only saying the other day that nobody makes a decent banger anymore!

    I bet that farmer gets a grant for being wildlife friendly! [;o)

  3. Great captures of the flying beauties...
    Sausages... I have a few award winning butchers close by...all closed now I feel like a sausage butty after reading this post..Thanks for that!

  4. I am so envious of your butterfly photos,they are beautiful.I have only seen a handful this year and they were the various white variety,one blue and one red admiral,and the one in my last post.I think we have an ecological disaster on our hands this year,due in part of the bad winter and the awful summer,also our buddleia bushes perished.
    Hope we have some next year.

  5. Your butterflies are beautiful. I went for years without eating sausages for the same reasons you describe, then my butcher gave me a couple of freebies when a skilled sausage maker joined his staff. Now he says, "Any sausages today?" every time he sees me. There's nothing as bad as a bad sausage but the opposite also applies.

  6. wonderful captures of butterflies!

  7. Excellent butterfly shots, Adrian. Agree that it's the wrong time to be cutting hedges.

  8. Hello, ADRIAN

    Awe inspiring your works...
    It lets me feel warmth with the humanity.

    Thank you for your usual visit and heart.

    Have a good weekend.
    From Saga, Japan.
    ruma ✰

  9. Beautiful flutterbyes, and I eat sausages by 100s, and made by Quorn.

  10. The boy done good with the flutter piccies. ;)
    Lovely view of the Comma. Haven't seen any this year. I hate to see flails used at the best of times but while the hedgerows are full of fruit it is an outrage.

  11. Good butterfly shots. We've not had the best of butterfly summers here either, too cold and rainy I think. But on the occasional sunny days I have seen some around (and got a few shots as well).

  12. Hilda, Thank you.

    Trevor, the daft thing is there are butchers making superb sausages round here........I went to the site shop.
    I know what the farmer does want!!!

    Andrew, please accept my apologies. They are unhealthy things.......these I got were. I still don't feel right.

    Carolyn, they have good years and bad. Two years ago I was almost breathing the things. the scarce Painted Lady were everywhere. I hope you are wrong.

    Pauline, to restore my faith in the sausage makers art I called and got some from the butcher in Barnard Castle......his aren't the best but are very good.

    Norma, thank you.

    Jeremy, thanks........they need their grants stopping....vandalism is what they are guilty of.

    Ruma, you are very kind and thank you.

    Bob, Quorn!!........better than these I purchased but Quorn ranks in my list with peanut butter.

    John, Ta,it is my first Comma. So a first a week for the last two weeks. Scotch Argus was so exciting I almost wet myself.
    I will drop Dithery David a line. They need a bit of the same treatment as the inner city vandals.

    Monica, thanks, they have been a rare but welcome sight this summer.

  13. Ugh.. I dislike most sausages... my stomach is having an empathetic revolt at the thought. Lovely photos though.. and soothing, at that.

  14. Hilary, I was iller after those bangers than I was when I bought Boston Baked Beans in the US. Full of sugar and salt.
    Sausages are great, good ones are. American food is pretty dire in my experience. Tacos, golden arches, crap coffee. I'll stop in Urop.
    You see what I see on the day. I was happy.

  15. I know you are Canadian but you have to take some of the flack for your southern neighbours....Sorry. Folk are folk.