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Saturday 3 September 2011

THE GATE (03/09/11)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Yesterday morning whilst on my way to Egglestone Abbey I passed this rather attractive gate. It now provides access to what appears to be a sheltered housing scheme. It is on the edge of the grounds of Bowes Museum on the corner of Birch Road and Wilson Street Barnard Castle. I can find no information on it it but it is a memorial to The Durham Militia.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI took a bit of a shine to this it looks older than this plaque suggests.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Local authorities never cease to amaze me………why place a salt bin here………it could have been placed round the back.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   I only show this as I really like the masonry.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Superb work…………I wish buildings were still constructed like this.

I’ll get out for a walk this afternoon but it is a nasty grey day.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Beautiful structures. I can see what troubled you about the salt bin.

  2. I want that gateway.!! It would go with this place ,ours was robbed away centuries ago.
    Good pictures of the gate and the interesting masonry.
    Enjoy your weekend too.

  3. Hi Adrian..I am jealous of the centuries old structures that there is there...and you even have some not so bad ancient men there lol...

    I agree ..what's with the salt bin...it spoils the ambiance (my big word for the day) of the place!!

    Thanks for the tour!!

  4. Bob, sometimes I wonder where they left their brains.

    Carolyn, it's a belter of a gate and on the way out of Morrison's Supermarket. Never came out this way before.

    Grace, these aren't that old. The Bowes Museum was finished in 1892. You were already Independant by then.

  5. Superb architecture (There is always so much to discover when you take the time of looking at old buildings from close.
    ...and yes what an idea of putting a salt bin there...

  6. Dee Bee, I'll try and get some pictures of the museum...........it's very French.
    The bin will be the responsibility of the Highways Department...........As long as the tarmac is okay they are happy. It would clone out.

  7. A very nice gate and I agree the bin does disturb the picture. I too like the "details" of many old buildings; in my town we have a lot of old factories and I marvel at how much builder's pride was often put into even that kind of building a century or more ago.

  8. Sorry Adrian I seem to have missed this post earlier. Some nice arci....archi....building images there. I would bin the bin too!

    "I really like the masonary" pah!...I bet you were just checking to see if the walls of that bank was still strong enough to protect your hoards of cash!....lol. [;o)

  9. Monica, street lights, signage, litter bins and now salt bins. The bain of my life. Some people are soulless. It ought to be compulsory to include art into every new building. It enriches folk.

    Trevor, don't apologise.......it's fun not compulsory. I see you are a fellow dyspeptic, anorexic......whatever like me you can't spill.
    I do bank with them.........along with the rest of the country..........they went bust and now have loads of everyone's money.

  10. Superb gate. Ah, but if you put the salt bin behind the gate no one would know it was there so you would have to put a large and prominent notice on the front telling them. Easier to put a grey bin there instead. You see you have to think of these things. Actually I'm surprised that cyclists and pedestrians don't bump into it all the time where it is. They wouldn't bump into a notice.

    Go on say it. What a load of boules er, sorry, nonsense.

  11. Graham, you have solved the problem. I will trip over it in the dark and sue the council for obstructing a footpath. Brilliant.

  12. Fascinating gateway and stonework. Maybe an exploration off my usual route is necessary the next time I am there.

  13. I found it by chance walking down from Morrisons. Good for bread, milk, cereals and old gates.

  14. This was actualy the gateway to the Durham Militia Barracks. The barracks were sold to the town in 1930.