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Sunday 11 September 2011


We were up and out just as the eastern horizon was starting to show signs of brightening. It was a lovely clear night so I was all set for a wonderful sunrise.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis does not look too promising………..in comes the cloud.

We walked up to Byland Abbey. Tawny Owls hooting us on our way. I couldn’t find the little blighters but it was good to hear them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The light was never going to strike the Abbey. I hung around till seven then we toddled back.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Someone thoughtfully left the gate unlocked. They must have known I was coming! Both these images have had a real seeing to and shove. I found a new toy in Elements 9. Colour Variations. For those that have the software go to Enhance>Colour>Variations………….It does some amazing things!……….Not necessarily good but definitely different.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I got a sunrise……………well almost!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am in a good mood today so this Oak is half alive.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     I’m almost back home and these Belted Galloway cattle are enjoying a grand morning.

The weather is on it’s way…………………………….


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          These are GRIB files and are free as is the software. This is computer generated weather, covers the whole world and is surprisingly accurate. The blue bits are precipitation and the wind arrows fly with the wind so westerlies and south westerlies on these charts. Wind speed is indicated by the feather bit. Each long bar is ten knots and a short bar is five knots, so an arrow with two and a half bars indicates twenty five knots of wind. If you want it in MPH then times by six and divide by five. That’s near enough. Remember this is average wind speed and gusts can be twice the mean.

Enjoy a day of calm and try not to get blown away tomorrow.

All images will enlarge. If you want these files then just Google GRIB.US. Make sure you get the free one, some companies charge. It is easy to navigate but not intuitive just e-mail if you have any bother.


  1. Lovely image of the grazing Galloways Adrian - makes me wish I'd got out of bed earlier today!

  2. The last abbey shot, and the cows, are pretty dam good Adrian.
    I'll have a look for that weather software; looks interesting.

  3. Phil, It was a good morning. Early starts are never a problem here.

    Keith, cheers. If you have trouble then let me know and I'll post a couple of screen grabs with instructions.

  4. The Galloways are tremendous, and I'll try out photoshop to see what you think about it.

  5. Great set Adrian. The last Abbey shot and the Tree/sunset get my vote.

    That weather software looks good....[;o)

  6. Bob, I liked the effect in the last abbey shot......The Galloways I've reworked. Look forward to seeing what you come up with. There is a strength slider and most options want a couple of clicks.

    Trevor, A happy morning out for me. I've had this software for years. I used to use it at sea. When I had satellite access. Used in conjunction with history and a barometer it is very good. The software is provided by several folk. Some charge, some don't. I'll have a shufty and see whose I'm using. I can guarantee it was free. It is not intuitive! Compared to Adobe it is! I'll do a post on it if there is enough interest. Look after Hairy and show him a bird or two.

  7. Outstanding photography right up my street .... ehhh .....not Yorkshire ! Are they diluting "Yorkshireness" ... Galloway cattle, I got a shot of some Highland cattle the previous week near Roseberry Topping.

  8. Jay, the rare breeds seem to becoming more popular and hence less rare.