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Saturday 10 September 2011

STRAW (10/09/11)

The harvest is almost in and it’s the time of year for me to fail again to get a stunning image of round bales.

The weather here is dark and damp but I still couldn’t find that illusive magical composition that I see in other peoples work. I blame the light, the camera, the lens, the dogs, the farmer, the very bales themselves………I may have a bit to do with it. I’m just no good with baling.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  PAJA DOS. Sounds posher in Spanish, unless of course you are Spanish then it just sounds like STRAW.

No new pictures today so a few of Byland Abbey.




_9087136_37_38_39_40_tonemapped_edited-1                                All straw coloured. The best I can do today.

Have a really good weekend.


  1. HI Adrian...wonderful...I like the first two of the bales of straw.
    The rest of the Abbey...remind me of photo's that could be very old the way they look, and I like them to!!

    Hope your weather brightens


  2. I love the PAJA DOS, it is better than TRIGO. The buildings are beautiful, even if they are made of straw.

  3. Pleased to have found your two blogs as I have real trouble getting decent photos for my blog..I take about 10 shots to get one suitable one:)

  4. Lovely images Adrian those bales are so much better to see than the big plastic silage bags.
    Straw is Strool in Africaans..I was born in South Africa but have no recollection as my parents move back to the UK when I was just two.

    Byland really looks like it's worth a visit.

  5. That abbey looks great with that treatment Adrian.
    They look like old postcards.

  6. Not much wrong with the first photo. Yes, it was a pity about the dull sky conditions. Not a lot you can do about that, except pinch a sky from another photo. lol Don't stand on the wrong side of those bales when the wind get up on Monday.

    The wide view of the Abbey look just like a somewhat faded 300yr old painting. Nice effect.

  7. What an amazing blog! I am portuguese: apologize my poor english.
    I read your comment on Bob's. So I came...and I'm glad.
    I'll be back.

  8. Enjoyed your straw themed post. I really like the second shot, the whole scene.

  9. Grace, thanks. A wonderful bit of software is Photoshop.

    Bob, I wish I could move the bales around a bit.

    Fabio, thank you.

    Helen, that sounds a reasonable hit rate. Landscapes are easier but birds and animals are much harder. I can't find your blog so can't give you the benefit of my ignorance.

    Andrew, they are and a lot better than burning it. This is a good area for ruins. No end of old wrecks round about, I've swelled their number.

    Keith, I enjoyed doing them. The middle two worked best.

    John, That was the first I did. Reminded me of and old engraving. I'm just waiting for sunrise about six thirty this morning. It could be a good one.

    Blueshell, Your English is very good. Better than mine. I'm glad you came by.

    Pauline, thanks. I really just need some stunning light.......only so far I can shove the contrast,

  10. Adrian, what we need is a Farmer/Photographer who does his baling with composition in mind...lol.

    Great effect on the abbey images, especially the second one.

    Looking at the weather forecast for the next 24hours it looks like you guys up there need to throw out the anchors and batten down the hatches!... Good old America, generous to the last, even with their old hurricanes!

    Stay safe....[;o)

  11. I think you did very well with that first shot. You're too hard on yourself ;) Is that shade of green vs red in the net used to roll them up... Never noticed that before. Come to think of it not sure I ever saw a close-up like that before. And in real life I'd stay away from them because I'm allergic!

  12. Trevor, Aye they just leave them scattered anyhow.
    The second is my favourite. For once I did note all the settings but the others aren't as good. I only have Elements so don't have access to Actions.
    Yes it's not looking good. I'm away to the seaside tomorrow but the south westerlies probably won't affect the east coast too dramatically.
    Thanks we will be careful.

  13. Monica, Yes it's in the plastic wrap.......don't know why. Port and Starboard maybe! Nautical bales!