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Friday 9 September 2011


Today is grey, not raining just dull, no light at all. I had to switch the radio off this morning. Nine/eleven.. Non stop.

Yes it was a bad hit. We should, after ten years, have got over it. Learnt the lessons and got on with life. It affected maybe one percent of the population, probably far less. The rest were mere bystanders. Gawkers! Watching the horror unfold on a wee flickering screen.

I was a mile from the middle of Manchester in an era when the US populace of Boston and the dumb cluck faction of the populace of New York were busy throwing money at the Republican Irish. They financed the bomb that destroyed the Arndale Centre. I never knew nor cared where the next one would be planted but did know that both Americans and Arabs were paying. Misguided they were.

A quiet dignified remembrance service for those directly affected is what is required not jingoism. I don’t hate nationalities. The Muslim, Islam, Christian is not out to get me but dumb chauvinists are and if  they are not, they are annoying and need a good slap.

Grow up America and grieve with your Gods and my blessing. Remember you have, as a disparate republic, only experienced four humiliations…………Majabigwaduce…Our fault…..Pearl Harbour…..The Japanese fault, Vietnam………Your fault……and the World Trade Centre….History will decide. Not a bad record for a country only two hundred and a bit years old.

Call a man a devil and a devil he will surely become. Look to yourselves for the solution.

Those of you in the world who don’t start looking outwards and not inwards are destined to failure. There is fun to be had in Yemen, Florida, Brazil and Europe. Maybe in Australia and New Zealand? I’ll reserve judgement on these and South Africa till the Rugby World Cup is over…………….


Today we went down to the village of Coxwold…………….The best kept village in the whole wide world. People live there but it isn’t alive. I have driven through it three times and thought………….wonderful!……..  Here it is.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Very tidy! Wonderfully tidy!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA They have Poor Houses. No poor in them!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA Pub……..No!   I doubt it would let me in never mind the dogs. The Village shop which lies behind this hostelry sells all sorts of things. Even the Daily Telegraph. I couldn’t buy one………I did enquire after the reason. Thought they may be printed on special paper… No sir…….We only get papers to order………I ordered and paid for… The Sunday Sport. It can only improve the ambience of the place. They sell Whisky and Gin in half bottles. The economy must be really bad. Like going to Toxteth but posh.

I was going to title this post ‘OLD’. every other house is prefixed with ‘OLD’. The Old School, The  Old Consulting Room, The Old Forge, The Old Chapel, The Old Library, The Old STD Clinic………I did invent the last one….. The place is just a laugh a minute.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This I hope is St Michaels parish church……..Not a bad edifice but not brilliant. The right hand side would have been lovely……….the Victorian extension. What I presume it is, is a bit naff. The village is of two halves late sixteen hundreds and late eighteen hundreds.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt least the door was open. A wonderful door it is.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A peculiar layout at the posh end…………Most odd.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The reredos a bit twee like the the village………..Folk do say………..one gets one one deservers. I say one one gets what one pays for.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        I rather like the new bit. It didn’t just grab me by the heart. Some churches do and some don’t. It needs a big neon sign saying ‘Brothers You Is Welcome’.

Tomorrow is a new day…………it will be a good one!


  1. Do I say ..Hi Adrian..OK~ Okay ~Fine!!
    That was quite the rant there my friend??????

    Well you know I have to agree with you "darn I hate that"...i actually was dreading that was all there would be for news talk shows and the such...no need of it ...just brings up bad memories for folks who have moved on!!
    The whole world doesn't need this ...I blame the News Meador ..they just love this stuff!!

    We had TV coverage of the big wedding all day long of the Prince who would be a Popper at his job if it wasn't for the Queen ...just saying!! ; }

    Well I guess we poor pee-ons are still friends no matter what the rest of the world does " we are aren't we?? ...my family history comes from Wales, Scotland, England...I can't help it if I ended up here lol

    Oh ya great shots ..love that old wooden door with the large hinges : }


  2. Adrian... A ?: With all so important news going on have you heard anything form those who are forgot and don't make news...like "have you heard anything from the Iceberg"..the Polar Bear would like to know ...you see his wife and children where on there..lol!! : }}

  3. This looks really like a ghost town! A bit spooky for me! I usually call this sort of place S...ville! Sorry!
    By the way nice having someone who dares speaking his mind instead of this very English "it's lovely" business (do you have French origins by any chance hahahahha!)

  4. Gosh. Here's me at the start of the commenters and not at the end. It just so happens that I've arrived in Glasgow and after being fed on coffee and a HUGE scone I'm keeping out of trouble whilst Anna gets on with things.

    I just wrote 5 paragraphs in your support. When I re-read them I realised that I don't rant as well as you do. My training has removed the spontaneity. So I shall simply say that I agree with you. I lived in Liverpool - a prime IRA target over the years.

    As for the rest of the post - one of your best!

  5. Nice saying. No, bloody fantastic things that you say. The pictures are something else, they are beautiful.

  6. Two words......SPOT ON!!....[;o)

  7. Grace...........I don't treat this lightly. The Polar bears children are of no consequence. Guess you've lost the link........'Les Barker'. The source of all that is ridiculous.

    As you know I'm grateful in absenteeism for your countries part in the war...........put the fear of god up my dad you lot did.....that has to be good. Did Eisenhower tell them before they sailed east what Kruats looked like? Dad was in the RAF and openly admitted more aircraft were lost by being lost than the Germans ever shot down..............until you lot came over. Like being a grouse he said............and just when I thought I was home.
    Have fun.....another two generations of selective breeding and you'll catch up. No worries there then!

    Dee Bee, It's a dump. A midden. I hope I'm not French, wash your mouth out........me a frog! come to think I must be. The Normans conquered us. Just the once. How could you? I have all my fingers....fought at Agincourt I did. Survived digitally intact.

    Graham, they just got on my tits with all their whinging. If they don't want to be hit. Fine. Keep their heads down. If they want to be respected then show respect to their lost ones and do it privately.
    We have had to and were brought up to. They would know how if the damn papist Spaniards and the wee troublesome French had not seen the Colonial war as an excuse to give our poor down trodden country grief. Adrian's take on History........one bloody mess after another!

    Bob, thanks, don't rely on me for fact or reason.

  8. Trevor, I have to experience really bad to appreciate the good. Bet it will cut down on my reply writing.......Sad if it does!

  9. Adrian, one of your best posts.
    That's all I need to say. :-)

  10. Adrian...sorry I didn't mean to make light of all this...I just don't have any control or am I to blame for all this crap ...I just live here !!


  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Keith, I'm not sure about that.........I just ramble on

    Grace, no worries of course you are not to blame.

    Laura, that is really sad. Try and keep strong.