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Monday 26 September 2011

WHAT A MORNING (26/09/11)

I was up and feeling on top form this morning. Did a ‘SEEING TO PICTURES’, took the dogs out and came back for breakfast.

I decided to move the van. I have semi automatic steps so as soon as I engage a gear they retract. I’d forgotten my door mat……I’d also forgotten I’d engaged reverse gear, the steps are not so automatic that they wiz out when one selects neutral………..obvious really. I’d for ever be denting cars and tripping up cyclists were they fully automated. Went out for the mat and missed the two steps that weren’t there. now it’s only a matter of a couple of feet…………………landed on my bum and shook myself up…………………You laugh……..the man next door did! No I hadn’t got the camera at the time so you will just have to use your imagination.

The upshot is that I’m walking down the lake and having a look at the chapel interior tomorrow. Today is laundry and van clean day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  It’s also a lovely day…….a little grey to start but I think the Indian Summer has arrived now. This is a fish eye view of the dogs walk. Their walk my hobble.

If anyone has the time, the inclination, the software then I would appreciate an editor on the Seeing to Pictures. Just wander down the side bar till you come to ‘My other Blogs’ and click. I find it difficult to know whether I'm making sense in these How I Do It’s…………..I have trouble with steps so little wonder!

Why did I move the van a hundred yards?…………..I was feeding half they Grey Squirrels in Clumber Park………that’s why…….Serves me right for being mean!

Have a brilliant week.



  1. ... and you're telling me that I am bit daft ... ?! ;) Now we'll want to know if the squirrels are smart enough to move a hundred yards as well!

  2. Monica, Yes They Are! They have less cover to scamper for but the first visitor to the feeder was a squirrel. I also moved to be nearer the WiFi aerial. I had to fill up with water........I'm not completely mad....Yet! I do recognise that I don't behave as normal folk do.

  3. You get another smile for that :)

  4. Ouch. Been there, done that - well something similar at my one-time caravan after cleaning the steps as part of its maintenance. It's not a laughing matter (though I probably would have done!)

  5. Monica, cheers!

    John, I don't really know why but the funniest things to me are folk slipping on ice or treading in a dog turd...........Have tears rolling down my face at either.

    Bob, glad i made you laugh. I'm here to amuse.

  6. Hi Adrian...join the club , but when you fall don't hit your head, it is a long story so I won't go into it!!
    So sorry about your "Bum"...I really am, but for some reason I can't stop laughing ...; }
    I love that photo... one of your How I do it's...?
    I am also interested in knowing if the Squirrels are heading down a few hundred feet too...and was it worth for you...hahaha!!!


  7. You have managed to made this forest composition extraordinary.

  8. Sorry Adrian I have just got home after a long day out myself... this is the first post i hve read and like Bob I have to admit I have a big smile on my face..

  9. Dam squirrels!

    Hope the pain eases soon Adrian.
    The dogs have certainly got a nice walk there.

  10. That was me who slipped on the ice this morning! Was going to keep it to myself, no-one else witnessed it and nothing a change of clothes couldn't fix. But at least the steps were where I expected them to be.

  11. Laughing is good for the soul.. especially when we can laugh at ourselves, which I'm quite good at. Nevertheless, I hope your parts aren't too bruised. Tomorrow will tell.
    And I love your capture. Way cool!

  12. Grace, these things happen to me.......No the image is off camera.....contrast boosted and sharpened. The lens is an 8mm fisheye.

    Olga, it's the lens.......it give a 180* view on the diagonal. so one gets a 4/3rds image without the dark corners.

    Andrew, I really shouldn't be allowed out without a carer.

    Keith, hundreds of them.......I'll be fine.
    It's great for them they spend their time whizzing squirrels up trees.

    Pauline, No CCTV footage to share!!
    Hope you are fine.

    Laura, living here one has to laugh at lifes little misfortunes.....everyone else does. I like this lens.........secondhand so even better.

  13. Great use of the fish eye.. I haven't splashed the cash in that pool yet !! ... sorry

  14. Jay, I got this one second hand. It is an expensive shoal to join.