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Sunday 11 September 2011


The first three comments liked the image of the Belted Galloways. When I posted it I really only included it for the cattle. They are considerably more common than they used to be but still a rare breed. For beef cattle they are very slow growing. If there is a premium on the price of their beef. It must be a good one.

I’ve done my homework again…………..gave myself detention……..teach me to try and fob folk off with a quick bit of spit and polish.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The original image………………….with nothing added or taken away. it very nearly went in the skip………….Dumpster to you people over the water to the west.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The one I posted earlier………………………………………..and

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The best I can do…………………….Photoshop gave me a hand.

Have a grand week. Don’t get blown away.


  1. Beautifuly well worked Adrian. For me though, I'd have cloned/cropped out the two cows on the left...[;o)

  2. I like Belted Galloways and thanks to GB managed to get my first decent photos of one this year. Unless someone has chained it down it may well have been blown into the sea today...

  3. Trevor, I should have. I usually work pictures up in stages for print. This is a journalistic approach............my excuse. I did try to get the stream flowing right into the picture but lost the reflection. Such is life.

    John, they are lovely beasts. Like the Highland and the Longhorn........very placid. There is also a White Galloway and an all black one. I'll try for the set.

  4. You've got more patience than me Adrian, but a good result in the end.

  5. Keith, case of bugger all else to do. No pub here, at least not one I fancy. Takes me ages to get on the net. The dongle goes out of the window and is blue tacked to the open van door. Good job it's dry! I edit on separate layers so not too many.......'OH SHITS!'
    Keep your cool tomorrow and remember you'd rather draw the dole than work in the dole office. They must have done something really naughty to animals in a previous life. With that thought in mind you should be able to keep smiling.........Let them fill the forms in.......everyone is proud of their skills.

  6. Bob, only so much one can do with a sows ear.

  7. Wow, you did a fantastic job on the bottom one. I salute you.

  8. Lovely cattle Adrian... I see them up in Keswick on the road into Borrowdale...Have you driven up there recently...just a thought as it's beautiful in Autumn.

  9. Brilliant job. I'm impressed. But that's not new!

  10. What could be better a fabulous photo of fabulous cattle. Really like the last image - clever you!

  11. Horst, thanks.........Hows the hip coming on?

    Andrew. I'll wait for the first frost before venturing back to the Lakes.

    Graham, I waste enough time playing.

    Pauline. I like cattle peaceful creatures. Not clever just practise. I still need more.

  12. Photoshop is a great tool isn't it??!!
    Sadly with the type of climate around here, it is a compulsory tool to have :)
    Greetings from the Frog :))))

  13. Dee Bee, I get endless pleasure from playing in Photoshop.......I enjoy walking and taking photos but it doubles the entertainment.