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Wednesday 14 September 2011


What a difference four or five miles can make. This morning we moved from here………………..OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The Caravan Club site Bridlington…………….superb showers, laundry facilities, easy access to water and no tow rope required for shifting me about.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Here we are now…………..bet you are thinking he’s overlooking an Industrial estate…………No! I’m saving the view forward till I get an amazing dawn tomorrow and Flamborough Head light house flashing away.

We went for our customary wander to see what is what and what is where. I’m in heaven. We were out four hours and only walked four miles.  That’s slow even by our standards. I had to stop once to go and retrieve Alf who was rolling in Goose crap. He was covered. Filthy little devil.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    This is the view from the cliff top looking back towards the camper. There are flocks of fifty three birds flying around. I think they are Linnets. I’ll have a go for a shot of them tomorrow. Also Meadow Pippets and the odd Kestrel. The Kestrel looked quite normal. I meant I only saw the one.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Another wonderful sight………….A field planted for winter bird food. Curley Kale, Sunflowers and some other things birds like to eat. They looked a bit like dead Docks but bigger.

On we plodded and eventually Bempton Cliffs appeared. This is an RSPB site and quite wonderful…….more than this photo is, the dogs were chatting to a pair of Border Terriers so not the most peaceful of encounters. All the little white bits are Gannets. There are one thousand three hundred and twenty two……….that includes those flying around and those on the other side of the arch.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   What a handsome bird.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     There are several of these…………..when I first saw them flying I hoped they were Choughs. No they are Jackdaws….Even the Jackdaw would only give a bum end view. I hope they are Jackdaws after all this writing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The view looking south across Flamborough Head. I spent an hour shooting and watching the Gannets. I’ll go through the snaps and see if any are sharp enough to share. they weren’t feeding just gliding about. The Puffins have all gone. They’ll be bobbing about at sea somewhere .

A really good spot is this.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   One more as the flying ones look rubbish. I suspect these are all young ones. Their parents will be away catching fish. I’ll take A shorter lens tomorrow and crop the shots.

Have fun. I have to be back in Darlington at the weekend but will pop back here. It’s a grand spot.


  1. Holy moly! What a great place to stay, Adrian. SCORE! ;o) I love the shot of the view looking down the fence. Great vanishing point! :o)

  2. Krista, it has got Mexico well beaten. Have you tried the underground rivers there in Maya country? A wonderful experience.
    I like vanishing points.. but don't boast! Unbecoming of a lady!

    John, the RSPB say that 200,000 birds breed here so well worth the trip June till August. Pretty good now and quiet. No Puffins though. I like bright colours.

  3. Looks like a great place Adrian....lots of vistas......lots of birdlife.....and not many people!

    I guess that shutter button is going to be working overtime tomorrow, I'm looking forward to the results....[;o)

  4. Aren't gannets amazing birds? I've never been to Bempton Cliffs, but should like too after seeing your photos

  5. Love the gannets. I want some flying ones though. And how about some diving ones.

  6. I like that sunflower field. A view I associate with more southern countries!

  7. Have I ever told you that, I am desperate to see the Gannets. You have a life worth living.

  8. Love your photos, today. You have found a grand spot for photography, have fun and take lots of great photos.

  9. Hi Adrian...man what a great move that was!!
    Amazing spot and amazing shot's ...
    Love the last on especially... but they are all Wow! ; }
    Those cliff's would scare the bejeebers out of me though!


  10. What a great place you're in Adrian.
    Love the bird food field; and yes, it is a Jackdaw.
    Love the shots of the Gannets. A bird I've yet to see.

  11. Well Adrian...I promised to pop in this evening and believe me I am so pleased I have.
    I have always heard the cliffs were worth a visit and your wonderful images have confirmed it...just checked google maps it's 145 miles from my doorstep.
    Does your overnight stop accept small tents?
    I hope their mileage counter is as accurate as your bird counting!!
    A lovely post...

  12. Great images, love the first one.
    I'm enjoying your wanderings, Adrian. Look forward to seeing more!

  13. What more can I say that hasn't already been said. The shots speak for themselves... stunning. The location appears to be equally stunning. Enjoy!

  14. Splendid cliffs, i am not surprised that the area has been listed as an RSPB site, there is so much for the birds to nest and live.

  15. Trevor, it is tomorrow and it has..........not too much crap by my standards. I could live here.

    Annie , I couldn't agree more......there are bigger colonies in South Wales. And I believe at South Stack on Angelsey. This will do me.

    John, they are hard to get in flight. I've been trying for hours to get shots of them landing. They feed miles away. More is the pity.

    Monica, it is a beautiful and uplifting sight.

    Bob, You drive up and Keith and I will push. It is just about accessible. It is wonderful to watch such sociable birds.

    Horst, photography and great should not be used in the same breath with me. Thanks though.

    Grace, thanks they would. I don't mind heights but the damn things are forever dropping into the sea.

    Keith, ta I knew it was......It is good to see a few acres planted up like this. It's not just the birds but the insects that are attracted. I'm afraid Dithery Dave will put a stop to it all.

    Andrew, yes accepts anything I'll e-mail details. Lovely couple. The farmeress is a beauty. Even better than a Gannet!

    Laura, many thanks........and you will. I'll keep being trying.

    Daniel, it is a belter of a place. A bit flat for me but one of the best.

    Dee Bee, I agree but how do the birds stop the eggs falling into the sea. Solve one conundrum and another presents itself.

  16. Images 2,3 ,4 and 6 are fantastic. If I guess that image 3 is taken with a wide angle mm, my attempts in comparison have been average as I usually take in more sky when the clouds are like that possibly distorting objects on the ground. Image 4 looks reminiscent of how Wind @ photographis would take an image ... respect. Lovely camera work of the bird in image 6.

  17. Jay, The lens is a 12mm-60mm zoom. It distorts quite badly but i usually tug them straight in Photoshop.