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Tuesday 20 September 2011

IMPRESSED (20/09/11)

I have always been impressed by people brighter than myself. As this includes about eighty per cent of the folk I meet It could well account for the almost perpetual air of bemusement I exhibit.

As many of you will have realised your pictures are now shown in a Lightbox display. If you like it then fine if you don’t then there is a really quick and easy fix. I didn’t write this code but I have installed it and lived to tell the tale. For those, like me, who have trouble understanding simple instructions I will do  quick ‘HOW TO.’ Using screen grabs.

<script type='text/javascript'>

document.getElementById('main').innerHTML = document.getElementById('main').innerHTML.replace("'lightboxEnabled': true,","'lightboxEnabled': false,");


****The first job is to copy the code to the clip board. Just highlight it and right click and select copy.**** Maybe you will be safer getting it from the link at the foot of this post.


        Next go to Dashboard and select Design.

image    Then select Edit HTML. You may get a warning message to the effect…………Are you sure you are not a Muppet?

image       This means you will not cause a mega disaster should things get out of control. It will, when you open the download be in your downloads. You can pull it out of there and pop it onto Desktop. This is belt and braces approach and always worth doing if you show any sign of incompetence. You know the sort of thing……….getting on the wrong bus…………ignoring or failing to notice ‘Do Not Cross.’ signs. Going to the shop for milk and coming out with bread.

image      It’s not often this job is so easy. The bit I always need to alter is buried in the middle of indecipherable Gobbledy Gook. Should I get with it?  Yes, I think so Gobbeldy Geek!

image         The code should appear and once you have clicked SAVE TEMPLATE all will be as it was before

All the hard work was done By MARK and BONJOUR TRISTESSENow I noticed when I copied the code from their sites it is not in quite the same format.

Could be big problems for you there. ***Get the code from Marks blog………I did and it works fine.***

Have fun……….it’s awful wet here today.


  1. Dee Bee, I have done this before. It's fraught with panic. I stretched my own blog template out width wise and collapsed the depth of my header. Took me a year...........Seemed like a year.
    Loved your post today. But The click display large doesn't do your patience justice. To be safe get the code from source then I can see your images in all there glory. It's simple as it just drops in between the penultimate and ultimate line of code.
    A line of HTML always starts with < and finishes with >. That's how I tell.

  2. Hi Adrian...I bet you was hoping this American Women had fallen of the face of the earth ..well that is if you even noticed I was not commenting..lol

    Enlargement is not a issue for me at the moment ..I just went through grief with Muppet's ..telling me I don't exist, but I am back I hope...much to your chagrin ; }


  3. From my perspective Adrian, you're much wiser and brighter than you give yourself credit.

  4. I'm always impressed with people who seem to know what they're doing and even more if they can explain it so that I can do it too without having a clue... Don't really feel the need to in this case though. With most blogs I have more problems reading the text than seeing the pictures. I always have to enlarge with ctrl+ ... So problem with some blogs is the opposite, sometimes the pictures get too large and I have to go ctrl- again to see them. For me the new picture display seems to work just fine.

  5. Just what I needed Adrian...thanks for that.
    I will have a go at the weekend.
    Google meddle far too much.

  6. Grace, it's always good to see you.

    Daniel, I really do struggle with this stuff.

    Monica, That's good. If you need the fix it's here.

    Andrew, Good luck, any problems let me know.

  7. I knew there was a good reason I store my piccies on Flickr :)

  8. John, it's all good fun........Blogger do these things to keep us on our toes.
    I seem to remember that not too long ago they lost your archive over at You Tube. Flickr I have used but it takes an age for folk to enlarge images.
    Horses for courses!
    I was amazed that the Blog Forum had sorted the job before Blogger announced the change.

  9. I must be in the lower part of your percentages.

  10. Bob, I very much doubt it.........I'm very easily confused.