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Wednesday 28 September 2011

THE PARK BENCH (28/09/11)

The weather we have been promised has finally arrived……….a stunning morning. I missed it as I had to get to Sainsbury's before the car park got blocked up. It’s not a very big car park at their Worksop branch. Driving the five miles I almost stopped as a low mist was writhing through the forest with the first rays of sunlight filtering through it………….magical!

Tomorrow will be better, so an easy day today and up before the Lark tomorrow. I’m gearing myself up for a mega day out….. You’ve heard that before!

We were back and out for a walk at just the back of nine. The Fungi are everywhere, unfortunately so are the slugs and Corvi. It was a Magpie I saw pecking them this morning. They don’t appear to eat them, they just pull bits off and throw them around. I’ve never seen them doing it before.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  These are everywhere. Growing in pine forest. Their numbers vary from two to a dozen or more and they rot to a grey/brown mush. I’ll send some snaps to Wildaboutengland. I’ve always thought they were Honey Fungus but now I suspect not.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    My first Earth Ball of the year………just the one. These are poisonous and have a truffle like taste. A nibble doesn’t hurt. I’m still trying to find Puff Balls.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I think this could be The Blusher……….again a No! No!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Common Veiled Fairy Cake……….possibly………..the nearest match I found.

I’ve finished the Cryptic crossword, walked the dogs and persuaded a fellow Old Age Traveller to pop up. He arrives with his truck and an insatiable appetite for fungi tomorrow. He knows much more than I. He sniffs, and tastes a bit………if it tastes nasty it probably is and why eat nasty ones anyway. I eat what he has cooked and ingested a day later!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Another patch of sunlight and woodland. In the style of Michael Orton.

To finish up todays post, the park benches taken over the past five days. I’m still chasing Tree Creepers, Jays and Hawfinches. Plenty to do but plenty of time to do it in. No panic.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA These are a pair…………..the stone is, I suspect, Portland. The inlay is polished granite and Mosaic. Posh for a park bench.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA They are sited at the top of the steps.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is one on it’s own……..I suspect it had a twin but it was probably sold when the estate was broken up. The Inlay is polished granite.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA So much work for a bench…………………I love it.

If you are not into fungi or seats I apologise…………..I’ll show a different day tomorrow. I’ll have to it will be a new day……..I’ll call it Thursday.

Have fun.


  1. Hi Adrian, those park benches are something else, they are just beautiful, must have been created by a master mason, a real work of art. My mother used to know a lot about mushrooms, but I stay away from the wild ones.

  2. Horst, the benches were created in a workshop. I like them though they are Victorian and could be considered heavy and over the top.
    I'm into fungi mode...........I'm sorry I can't educate you. They are so difficult for me but I love this time of year.

  3. Hi Adrian...I like your patch of sunlight..

    You area on a mushroom kick aren't you, but they are sure interesting and so many different kinds...be careful there what you have for lunch ...you may end up in the ground pushing up mushroom !!

    Fantastic benches ..I expected to see some lovely old seating in the church you had yesterday instead of that modern day seating!!

    Enjoy your new home while your there ...lol

  4. I'm definitely into fungi and benches are interesting - especislly when there has been so much work on them.

  5. It's been a "phew what a scorcher" day over here today. Can't believe they are forecasting snow in a couple of weeks.
    I have some wonderful carved benches in my local woods but I think yours will out last them by a few centuries.

  6. I'm happy. I have a thing for seats/benches of any kind. Have to admit I've never seen one quite that grand!

  7. Those benches are wonderful. I'm glad you're giving them some credit. I wish I had enough money to pay that kind of attention to detail!

  8. Grace, I love rummaging around for fungi. I must have been a gatherer in a previous incarnation. I'd rather pick mushrooms than deal with a Mammoth or sabre Toothed Tiger.
    I'll try and get into the church. The plastic seats are for overflow. It was Harvest festival on Sunday.

    John, They are frustrating to the ignorant. I'll learn to identify them one day.

    Andrew, the hottest day I've experienced this year. I shouldn't worry about snow. They have difficulty guessing this afternoons weather.

    Pauline, they are rather posh.

    JoLynne, artisans were not paid much a hundred orso years ago. They are still very ornate.

  9. The bench was good, and the mushrooms are extra great.

  10. Could do with one of these stylish benches in my garden!
    Enjoy the sunny day, it's forecast to reach 28celsius! :DD

  11. What fabulous benches they are Adrian, brand new and in their prime they must have looked fantastic. I think I much prefer the aged/weathered look though....more photogenic!

    Now, I bet you couldn't resist a little sit and a daydream imagining yourself dressed in all your finery, portraying the roll of Lord of the Manor.... nose in the air looking down on all the underlings as they dared to come too close!....[;o)

  12. It is quite amazing to think of the history of those benches ~ I'm glad they have survived.

    Why did the algae and the fungus get married?

    They took a lichen to each other.

    Sorry ;) I didn't think you'd mind since you such a Fun guy!

    Certainly a wide variety of them and interesting about the birds pecking bits off!

    I posted a photo I used your spot-lighting on, btw. Thanks :)

  13. Bob, thanks.......I've got a little anal about fungi.

    Dee Bee, I put the BBQ away.......I've just retrieved it....Nothing like ruining good food on a sunny afternoon.

    Trevor, I did have a sit. Whilst dreaming I assumed I'd have a retainer or two to keep the Hoi Poloi at a respectful distance.

    Glo, I don't mind at all.
    I'll have a look at the results of your labour. What's btw.?

  14. What a splendid find. The bench that is. As you will have gathered I've come backwards to this post from 1 October. Having come via so many fungi I am astonished by how many you've seen and recorded. I thought I had my eyes open these days but I've not seen anything like that many fungi. Hmmm. You've given me more to think about.

  15. Graham, I've really enjoyed this place. I'll have to come back.

  16. Portland stone ... if it's good enough for the queen .... Amazing park benches.

  17. Jay, Clumber Park is well worth a visit.