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Thursday 22 September 2011

I’LL HAVE TO CATCH UP (22/09/11)

Another two post day………..not that I'm bored but this is a grand spot which I suspect is going to be a hell hole over the weekend………………..Me intolerant? ………Never!

On our second walk, to get the lie of the land, I realised that one has to be out early. I now know where I want to go so will take breakfast with me tomorrow. I also know I don’t want to be here and out and about after eleven in the morning. You have all heard the old age ramblers clubs…………The one at the back is deaf and the one at the front of a troop of twenty was a Sergeant Major…..In the Royal Corps of Drums! They discuss esoteric subjects like bus timetables and discount days at B&Q.The ones in the middle of the rank are bemoaning the fact they never see anything………… Anything worth seeing has long since turned tail and scarpered.

We still had an enjoyable couple of miles and even more fun editing the snaps.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     The dogs………Alfie chasing Molly………I moan about rambling clubs?..How dare I? The racket these two make.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     This is a monster fungus. At around two feet six across the biggest Artists Fungus I’ve seen. Growing on an almost dead Beech tree. I hope it is Artist Fungus?……These Bracket Fungi, in common with most, are the very devil to identify. This being twenty feet in the air is harder than most.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       I hope these are Yew berries. The tree doesn’t have to produce many as it lives for thousands and thousands of years. I can’t remember seeing these before. Lovely things.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            I have always liked a dead tree in a swamp……………so much so that I was doubly happy to find another.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAmazing how they remain upright.

As you have by now gathered we are down at the end of the lake. I did not go further…….too many people.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA female Mute Swan hissing at the dogs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  A Coot, though a noisy bird it was unconcerned.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    On the way back home I came upon this………….The finest example of Many Zoned Polypore I have ever seen. Quite made my day.

That’s all folk. I’ll see what I can find tomorrow.


  1. Superb autumnal photos Adrian, I laso find that dead tress are a good subject for a photograph, they are pure and simple art!
    You always make me smile with your sense of humour! :)))
    It's really great!

  2. Dee Bee, I love the trees I suspect they are ex Silver Birch.
    Thanks! I'm trying to be serious.

  3. Autumn is definitely here now, beautiful trees, mushrooms and, not to forget Molly and Alfie.

  4. I suspect the last image is a fungus as well. Looks awesome, never seen one like that. I did not know that Yew trees grew berries, amazing.

  5. A wonderful read Adrian...lovely to see the dogs enjoying themselves.. Great images... I have at least one thing in common with you, I walk alone.
    I see more, hear more and I can go where I want when I want.
    Take care

  6. Hi Adrian...You being serious..lol..
    Those Yew berries sure are bright...lovely!!
    The images of the dead trees are great!
    I have always loved the look of a tall dead tree and what character they have...I always wish I could sketch or draw they would make great subjects!!

    That last one is a beauty!!


  7. quite a lovely assortment of shots today! thanks for sharing, Adrian.

  8. Excellent photos, Adrian ~ I can see why it was a two post day. You've captured the exuberance and sheer delight in Alfie. The stark skeletal trees are in such contrast with the green foliage, but so striking as each branch reaches out. The swan close up is super, even if it is hissing ;) Lovely ruby-eyed Coot! Your fungi-fotos are fabulous. You inspired me to check for fungi in the woodlands on today's walk and I saw some good ones which I'll post before too long.

  9. Bob, it is getting cool early on. Looks as if we are going to get a good weekend.

    Horst, sorry, yes it is a fungus. This one likes rotting Beech trees but can be found on other deciduous wood.

    Andrew, It is a good place but awful busy.

    Grace, I'm always serious.
    The light was not good for the trees. It's pitch black here at the moment. I'll be out in twenty minutes or so.

    Norma, thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed them.

    Glo, thank you.
    There are some wonderful fungi about.
    I look forward to seeing your varieties.

  10. Good job I wasn't there as the only times I have visited that area I was accompanied by 30+ 11yr olds. (well behaved but far from quiet).

    The berries look quite Christmassy, nice composition as with the trees in their active state of non functionality.

  11. John, they would have to be deafening to compete with the rambling clubs......What enjoyment they get from walking around and shouting I'll never know.
    I hope they are Yew Berries. I'll look them up.

  12. They look like it to me - well they match the piccies I found.

  13. John, so did I, they are. A rare sight. It's only a bit of a bush so probably thirty years old. I'll get some more pictures of it.
    As usual I only guessed.......I rely on readers for IDs. Lazy, I know but there are only so many hours in a day.
    Seems to work. I take the snaps and everyone has a quiz.

  14. You'll just have to have a 'Wozat Wednesday' feature ;)

  15. John, it would overrun into Thursday and Friday.
    W.T.F? Perhaps not.

  16. I don't think I'd ever seen a Yew berry before either. Fascinating. As was the Many Zoned Polypore. Excellent Swan photo too. I'll see if I can look out my dead tree swamp for you. You'd be in dead tree heaven.

  17. Graham, all this botamy is new to me. I'd never noticed them before but if you live as long as they do it's quite possibly a once in our lifetime experience. Very pleased I was. Yes post some dead trees....they take on a beauty of their own.