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Sunday 25 September 2011

IN A MUDDLE (25/09/11)

You are going to have to love me after this. I went out this morning in drizzle. I could see blue sky upwind so I ignored the misty rain and carried on. It’s a twenty minutes brisk walk down to Clumber Park Lake. I have yet to do it in under thirty five minutes. So much to see, I’m easily distracted.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was gloomy so I spent five minutes shooting these Hair Bells. No Flash the light is Photoshop. The time was spent waiting for the wind to drop. Possibly the last of these for this year so worth a snap.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA heavy Saturday night for two of the Mallard. One is dead to the world the other is showing signs of life. Why do they stand up before having a look round?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Even the Blackheaded Gulls were quiet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The view down the lake…………….for those that know the area…………I flipped this image. A lead from right to left is easier on my eye.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI diverted to check on, what I regard as, my Fly Agarics. They are doing fine.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Who did this…………Slug damage I can tolerate but desecration sticks in my throat. I hope the bugger ate it, hallucinated and mistook the bus stop for the bus.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A brand new one next door. They are really doing well this year.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is fun but frustrating………….Weeping Fairy Cake I think…………It’s about five inches across. Not edible but handsome.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA What a gate. I’m surprised that when the House was demolished this wasn’t sold as most of the masonry was. It is a real gem.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Victorian but still every stone is a credit to the Mason. Masons now work in Banks and Government, many as Police Inspectors, about time they learnt a skill. Whoever carved this was a true artisan and worthy of the title. Bet he didn’t run around dressed in a maid’s pinney with one trouser leg rolled up.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhilst wandering through the woods I was under fire. This is the culprit. Raining Sweet Chestnuts as were it’s relations. Raining water as well we are soaking!……….My fault, it’s warm so I opted for a fleece jacket. The sleeves are down round my knees and I can’t find my hands.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA No Chestnut roasting for me…………these are a disgrace………..not filled out at all. I hope they are Sweet Chestnuts?…………..As always I may need correction.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve missed out quite a bit but it’s time to move on. I got to the Chapel. I couldn’t get in. Just as well flashing in a chapel would not be a good idea on a Sunday…….folk singing and praying………….the last thing they want is a flasher. It’s Harvest Festival here today so it should be looking at it’s best. I’ll have another look tomorrow.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A couple of days ago I posted a snap of Yew berries…………In common with some of yew (sorry) I’d never seen one. Now every other Yew tree has them.


I've booked in here for another week. I feel I’m missing things….Apart from brain cells!

Tomorrow is forecast to be brilliant………….so was today. Daft buggers they are at the weather guessing centre. I lugged the big lens and tripod for six miles today. It barely got light till ten o’clock.

Things may get repetitive if they do, shout out.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Me!……………Repetitive? …………..Away and wash your mouths out with carbolic soap.

Have a great week. I’ll try…………..I’ll try to make it insufferable!


  1. First photo is a real work of art in my book - love it. Wish I'd done it. The gate may be a real gem if somewhat ostentatious and, whilst I can appreciate the craftsmanship it's not to my taste to be honest.

    And what have Masons done to upset you? Other than.....ok. I see what you mean.

    Heaven alone knows why people see a need to destroy and mutilate. Come to France. It's the season of the chasse. If it moves it's dead.

  2. Wow. How did I get to be first? It's so hot I'm hiding from the sun for a few minutes to cool down after lunch.

  3. A great few days posting. I've never seen a Verdigris Toadstool (Friday's post) - I'm getting ever more jealous! We really do appreciate the effort you put into photograophy and blogging. Thank you!

  4. I had a very good laugh at reading this post!
    Great shots...and I love these Fly Agarics, there's a version of it that has no spots and is edible (Amanita Caesarea - Oronge des Cesars. The problem is that the Fly Agarics might loose their spots as they mature or after the rain and can be confused for them...and it's when trouble starts...
    Enjoy the sunny week!

  5. Well, I love the Magic mushrooms, um, I didn't make love to them. Well, not all of them! I certainly did like the picture of the Hare Bells, that was an amazing photograph.

  6. I love that first picture, the bluebells... The light just perfect, and the blurry background. The fly agarics are impressive too. I know what you mean about getting distracted - when I'm in a hurry I have to leave the camera at home!

  7. A lovely stroll despite the rain..
    Lovely images of the fungi but my favourite has to be the last one of the chapel I hope you manage to get some of the interior.

  8. Hi Adrian...I knew you was all wet right along,(US expression) and I still love you anyway lol
    Some real good ones of your " Fly Agarics" ...perhaps that one just split because it got to fat..or there is a loony out there somewhere ; }
    The Harebell is a wonderful job ... you got it perfect in my book!!


  9. Great post Adrian.
    That Harebell is a cracking shot, and a fine looking chapel.

  10. Graham, Thanks......you have the software. duplicate the image load into editor. Select levels and shove the gamma slider till all goes darkish then filter>Render> Light effects> omni.....play around.
    The gate just screamed Victorian Tat! Bad taste at the time. I quite like it now the trees have grown......it's out of context.
    The Masons have not been near today.......so nothing. I'm just an anarchist with a hatred of secret societies........not a very successful anarchist then. Am I?
    Sun? Lucky you...........it is heading my way.

    You probably have seen a Verdigris........they turn creamy yellow after a day or so. And look like a larger Bonnet cap. Again hallucinogenic...Like a dope dealers shed are these woods.

    Dee Bee, Many thanks for the compliment. I'll look up Oronge des Cesars..........I don't want to sit about chewing to no benefit.

    Bob, I've not seen many of the smaller fungi...Liberty Caps......and such like. The Hare Bell was really small only 4" tall it was also Photoshoped to eternity and back.

    Monica, I was only in a rush today because I was wet and cold....my fault....I dressed for the weather forecast. I have put the Hare Bell treatment down on my list of 'Seeing Tos'.'
    Never leave the camera.......it could just be the equivalent of a lottery win lying at home.

    Andrew, it was not all rain........it was drizzle, damp, a heavy shower, dry, a downpour, then dry and another deluge just before I reached home.
    I really will get inside this chapel. I can't believe was built as a private place of worship. Good days they were then...........like now...one just has to get to the top of the pile.

    Grace, I'll look up 'Wet Right Along'. If it's rude you are barred. Pauline shows her grand children this blog.......they are Kiwis so the odd bugger is polite to them......!
    It didn't just split some vandal broke it.
    As I said earlier......the Hare Bell is an off camera job. I had to lie down in the wet to shoot it though. I must start doing more How I Dun It's. Most are easy.

  11. Keith, ta! I like the Hare Bell. I keep heading out for birds. There are woodpeckers spotted, ( greater and lesser) I hear loads of owls......including one I can't identify.......a horrendous banshee like wail it makes. I heard it whilst you were in Wales and i was outside Barney. This morning I'm pretty sure I spotted a Hawfinch. It was, surprisingly, next to some Mallard standing at the edge of the lake in the water. I asked a friendly birder and he said he saw it last week.
    I'm here for another seven days so pop up if you fancy a look. I'm just off the A1 at the A57 turn Worksop.

  12. Dee Bee, is Amanite des C├ęsars ou Oronge le meme chose.

  13. Adrian...I have no clue who Pauline is or who Kiwis is or are, but you don't have to worry it is not anything bad, and besides I have read some stuff on here that concerned me..lol!!

    Wet all along ...means to be completely wrong or mistaking!
    If I read your first sentence right (your going to have to love me after this)..did that mean after you went out in the drizzle and got wet getting these shot's ?
    I was simply saying you are mistaking.. we or maybe I should say I ..(don't want to speak for everybody ..hahaha)...love you all along even before you got all wet...does that make sense ?
    If not I'll see ya on the flip side!! bye bye lol

  14. Those harebells are beautiful, and I also love that shot up the trunk of the chestnut tree. If I were there I'd stay another week, too.

  15. All the photos are wonderful but I really love the first one. It's dynamic and life expressing in wondrous ways!

  16. Thank you for being aware of my grandchildrens' sensibilites but on posts like this you are safe. They have appreciation of flowers, scenery and the like. I really love the hair bells shot. That is pure beauty!

  17. Grace, that's fine then.
    Love me to put up with such a hotchpotch of a post.

    JoLynne, I just hope I get some reasonable weather. Thereis so much to see.

    Tim, thank you.

    Pauline, I think the Hare Bells may be worth a print.........I'll have to re work it though.

  18. The Hair Bell photo is a real cracker of a shot.

  19. John, it's easy to do. I've just done words and music on Seeing to Pictures. I'll publish it later.

  20. That is some gate, love that tree trunk and the last one reminds me of a shot that I have unpublished yet of the Fountains Abbey church. Great stuff.

  21. Jay, thanks, it's a pity they demolished the house. If this is it's chapel the house must have been wonderful.